Couple Challenge on Facebook, Danger is Hidden in the hashtag! Cyber Experts Warned

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India Live Tech: Facebook hashtag Couple Challenge: Couple Challenge is trending on Facebook recently. Many people are posting pictures with their close friends or partners on Facebook to take part in this challenge. Adding # পোস্টCoupleChallenge to the post. Through this hashtag, they are participating in the Couple Challenge with thousands of couples from different parts of the country and abroad. However, cyber experts say, the danger is hidden in this hashtag!

Recently, the Pune police warned the general public about this in a tweet. The tweet read, “Think twice before posting pictures of yourself on the #CoupleChallenge. ‌ This challenge can be dangerous.

According to cyber experts, thousands of couples from around the world are posting pictures of themselves with the hashtag #CoupleChallenge. In the same way, people from all over the world will be able to see the pictures of countless couples participating in this challenge just with the help of this hashtag. Cyber experts fear that cybercriminals may use those images in various dishonest, dishonest ways.

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According to cyber experts, these images could be downloaded as needed and used in a porn website or cybercrime. To avoid such risks, experts warn against taking part in any such challenge, not just in the Couple Challenge, but trending on social media. And if you have to take part, in that case, it is wise to go to settings and go to the ‘Audience’ option and select ‘Friends’. However, even after the risk of danger remains!

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