PUBG/BGMI 2.4 Update Download, Release Date, Apk File, Patch Notes

PUBG Mobile

PUBG/BGMI 2.4 Update: BGMI broke many records in terms of downloads and popularity within ten months of its release, becoming one of the most popular games in the Indian mobile gaming market.

Krafton Inc., the Battle Royale game’s developers, have always tried to add new content to the game in order to improve the gaming experience. Several updates have been released since the game’s release last year, despite the Covid hiatus. The excitement for the upcoming 2.4 update, on the other hand, is unrivalled.

Players are eagerly awaiting the completion of the current update, which will pave the way for the new update. The game will be updated with new features, themes, modes, maps, items, and more.

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PUBG/BGMI 2.4 Update Release Date

Battlegrounds Mobile India’s upcoming 2.4 update will most likely be released between May 12 and 15, with May 13 being the most likely date. Just before the existing Royale Pass came to an end, Krafton released the last few updates.

The ongoing Micro Battle RP will end on May 18th, resulting in the time frame mentioned above.
Users will not be locked out of the BR title because BGMI’s servers are not currently down for maintenance. Updates usually begin rolling out at 11 a.m. for Android users and 4 p.m. for iOS users, but the most recent 1.9 update deviated from this pattern.

PUBG/BGMI 2.4 Update Feattures

1. Mastery System: This is a brand-new feature for PUBGM and BGMI players, but it’s already in Game For Peace. Players can edit their career card in the mastery system to equip the medals, frames, poses, and materials they’ve earned. Players can earn medals by increasing their Mastery. Completing missions from events will grant you frames, poses, and materials. On Spawn Island, the career cards of the four players with the highest mastery in a match will be displayed, while the career card of the player with the highest mastery on the Flight route will be displayed.

2. UI Upgrade: The UI of some in-game locations has been changed in this patch update, particularly in the shop and crate. The background has been changed, along with some other enhancements, to make it more appealing. Instead of text, icons will be displayed in the shop from now on.

3. New Status Feature: This update introduces a new status feature. You can make the game easier to play and accessible by changing your status. It will assist you in saving time in a variety of ways, depending on the status you select.

4. WingMan: WingMan is a new game mode that features a helicopter landing on the spawn island. However, it can only be equipped after purchasing it with UC.

5. Core Circle Theme: EVA mode has been added to the patch update. After collaborating with EVANGELION, a new mode has emerged. A blue crystal will be available on the spawn island, which will be hit by some rockets and spread across the sky.

6. EVA Special Loot Box: At the EVA base, there are some loot boxes that are very useful for good loot in the beginning.

7. EVA Unit01 vs Angel6: In the core circle mode, a robotic machine known as EVA Unit01 emerges from a box and engages in combat with a gun found in the playground along with a flying blue crystal. It resembles Godzilla mode in appearance. It will be available in ranked mode even after there are 64 players.

8. Direct Respawn: In the previous update, a recall tower feature was added, which allows your teammate to recall you if you are finished. However, it has been improved, and you will now automatically return to the battlefield without having to recall.

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