ICYMI: Udit-Son, Aditya is Going to Be Married, But with Whom?

Aditya Narayan

IndiaLive Entertainment: Aditya Narayan after Neha Kakkar. This time Udit Narayan’s son is going to get married. It is reported that Udit’s son is going to tie the knot with his long time girlfriend Shweta Agarwal. Incidentally, Aditya got acquainted with Shweta from the set of ‘Shapit’ in 2010. Then a friendship developed between the two. This time Shweta-Aditya is going to give a new name to that friendship.

It is reported that Aditya Narayan will get married to Shweta Agarwal in November or December this year. Accordingly, it is reported that the two families have also started harassing.

Recently, on the stage of a popular reality show, there was a lot of talk about Neha Kakkar’s relationship with Aditya Narayan. It is heard that Aditya Narayan can sit on the wedding pedestal with Neha. It was later learned that the screenplay of such a story was made to increase the popularity of the reality show.

Meanwhile, Neha Kakkar’s relationship with Rohanpreet Singh and marriage has recently started. It is learned that Roka of Rohanpreet or Neha Kakkar has also been completed. It is reported that their wedding is being arranged in Delhi. There is no splendor in the corona atmosphere, the wedding party of Neha and Rohanpreet will sit with the close ones. The singer’s ex-boyfriend Himanshu Kohli opened his mouth after hearing the rumors of Neha’s marriage.

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If Neha has found someone new in her life, then that is good news. Himangsha also hopes that Neha will start a new life.

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