Trump Came Out of the Hospital with Corona and Waved to the Supporters

Donald Trump

United States (US) World News: Washington: This time the US President himself came out of the hospital breaking the protocol while Corona was undergoing treatment. After the face mask, Donald Trump came out and waved to the supporters. The doctors did not hide their anger that President Corona himself had broken the rules.

Trump, however, was not standing on the street, he was in a bullet proof car. But experts say, how did the US president break his government’s public health policy? Corona is a highly contagious disease, the rule of keeping the sufferer in complete isolation. But the president came out of the hospital while he was in the hospital and put his bodyguards in crisis.

Trump is currently admitted to the Walter Reed Military Medical Center near Washington. According to the White House, his condition worsened. Now he is better than before. But in the run-up to the presidential election, many feel that Trump, desperate to get through the voting cycle, has come out of the hospital to reassure his supporters.

Trump, however, did not want to give much importance to Corona at first, accusing him of spreading misinformation. This time he posted a video on Twitter, saying that he had learned a lot about the disease by being infected with corona himself.

But even then the doctors were dissatisfied with the way he drove out of the hospital. As James Phillips, head of the Department of Disaster Medicine at George Washington University, said it was important for everyone in the president’s car to go to the quarantine for 14 days, they could get sick, and death was not uncommon. The way Trump risked their lives for political drama is just madness, he said.

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