US Elections 2020: Trump says He won Tuesday’s Presidential Debate

Donald Trump

United States (US) World News: US Presidential Elections 2020: US President Donald Trump has claimed that he won the first presidential debate on Tuesday night against his Democratic challenger Joe Biden. “By every measure, we won the debate easily last night,” Trump told reporters at the White House on Wednesday, a day after he and Biden clashed during the first of the three presidential debates in Cleveland, Ohio.

I think he (Biden) was very weak. He was whining. We won the debate by almost every poll that I saw. If you look at the various polls. And I looked at about six of them, and we won every one of them,” he added.

This was the first of three debates scheduled ahead of the US elections on November 3. The next will take place on October 15, followed by October 22.

The Vice Presidential debate between Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris will be held on October 7. Among the highlights of the debate was Trump constant interruptions, speaking over both Biden and moderator Chris Wallace. While Wallace pleaded with Trump to wait his turn, Biden at one point snapped: “Will you shut up, man?” (Read key takeaways from the first presidential debate)

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The only mention of India during the debate came just once in the whole debate. When Trump was talking about the Covid-19 situation in the US and claimed some countries did not reveal the real number of deaths due to the virus. “India, Russia and China don’t give out their real Covid-19 deaths…” he said.

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(With inputs from The Indian Express)


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